Non-woven Bags

World economy growth and constant development, the needs of people using the product of packaging is higher. They want clean products as well as these friendly environmental products. Therefore, PP Non-Woven technology was created to meet this demanding timely. It combines the synthetic textile techniques (compounds fiber) and the techniques of grid processing of nonwoven, which reduced the stages from changing PP resin into the PP Non woven fabric, improve production efficiency and superior features of the product. On the other hand the very special application of PP Non Woven bag are friendly environmental, it also has the ability to recycle 100% with durable, waterproof and includes the possible recycle of hygroscopic fibers. PP Non Wove bag are designed diversely with customized style or color, in addition to the traditional form ( such as: Ultrasonic sealed die- cut bag, loop bag, overlock or nomal sewing bag) we also can design according to customer requirements (zipper bag, drawstring bags…) It is unique in that PP Non Wove fabric technology gives humans. Besides the advantages mentioned above it is also important applications in the fields as follows:

1 / Medical: surgery clothing, labor protection clothing, disinfected bags , masks, diapers, all civilized cheap wipes, wet towels, washcloths, cosmetic utensils, disposable sanitary towels .

2 / Family: fabric for covering wall, bed sheets, curtains,….

3 / Costumes: Lining in clothing, cotton for shaping,….

4 / Industrial: Raw filter, cement bag,….

5 / Agriculture: fabrics for protect plants.

It’s also good for thermostats, filter tea bags,…

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